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This past summer has been busy at, although unless you have visited the website, you may not have noticed it.

First, information about James Churchward and his theories of a lost Pacific Ocean continent continues to stack up here. Here are some of the high-points, each will be addressed in a separate posting to our blog and/or occupy a new and unique webpage.

    1. We had the opportunity to visit with some Uyghur friends over Memorial Day weekend. In addition to speaking with Uyghur historians, we had also hoped to sit down and speak with the publisher of the Uyghur language translation of the "Lost Continent of Mu," however that did not work out. One Uyghur historian that we spoke with has been researching the findings of James Churchward with regards to the Great Uighur Empire and mentioned that he had found reference to a continent of Lu in an ancient Buddhist document.

    2. Although we had heard about the Uyghur language translation of the "Lost Continent of Mu," we had not seen a copy. We now have a copy from Kazakhstan.

Uyghur Language version of
The Lost Continent of Mu

"Olga Muriel"
born 1873
    3. Pictures purporting to show two of James' daughters have surfaced, however all we have are the pictures and names. However, according to census documents and family history, James' only children were Alexander and his brother who died in infancy in Sri Lanka (or Ceylon as it was then known.) Hopefully with the power of the internet, we can track down and meet our newly discovered relatives.

"Gladys Stella"
born 1874

Frontispiece from Lost Continent of Mu
1988 Paperback
    4. Pictures of ancient 'relics' of Mu have surfaced. In addition to the vessel portrayed inside the 1931 "Lost Continent of Mu," there are also some other relics that have not been seen by the public.

"Relics" from Mu

Niven's Tablet #1584
    5. An ancient tablet from Veracruz, Mexico has made the news. While we have not done an exhaustive study of the images on the tablet and compared them to those images found by Niven, the results from a preliminary investigation will also be addressed. Please be aware that we do not have the tracings sent by Niven to James of the 2600 tablets, however there is a lead to where the images were published by James in 1927.

Discovered tablet from 2006
To keep up-to-date on our research, please join our announcements mailing list which can be accessed from our interactive media page on our website. This is a low volume mailing list that promises to keep the number and size of emails small and to the point; we don't like spam either.

Second, there has been a complete update of The old frames version of the website is gone and has been replaced with an easier, more accessible version. We have added a new section on James Churchward's research materials that contain thumbnails of each of the pages. While these may not be entirely legible, at least one of the thumbnails is an active link that will take you to a full-size scan of that sheet. To keep things interesting, the link will periodically change.
We are also posting articles by James that are being transcribed from his research materials. The first such article entitled "The Sun is Not a Superheated Body, He Declares," has provoked discussion. And some of his other works when released will also likely continue to challenge the status quo and bring the theories of James Churchward into focus.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of three never before published elements of James Churchward's research materials. As described by Percy Tate Griffith in his biography of James, "Churchey" as he was known, was in contact with thousands of people across the globe. "Lost Gems of the Lost Continent of Mu: Reviews and Correspondence from James Churchward's Scrapbooks Volume 1 is partial evidence of the vast network of his contacts. A free preview is available online at the Bookstore.

Additionally, two translated letters from Doctor Joseph Cserep of the University of Budapest are now available for the first time. "America as the Prehistoric Cradle of the Caucasian Race," translated from the Latin is a 19 page document written in August 1928. "Ancient Medes as the Ancestors of the Magyars of Europe", translated from the original Magyar manuscript is a 24 page document written in March 1929. As with the "Lost Gems of the Lost Continent of Mu," free previews are available at the Bookstore.

These works are available in full color in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. Printed versions will be considered if the demand exists.

And finally, as a side-note:

Some individuals have copied pages, information and pictures from and added them to their own internet sites, as if the materials were in the public domain. This complete disregard for our intellectual property rights will be addressed to the fullest extent of the law. If you wish to use materials from on another website, please send us an email and maybe we can work something out, but please obtain written permission first.

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