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After hours of concerted effort our first, short podcast has been placed online ( Other resources are being worked, if you not already done so, please check out what is already online at (

Setting the Record Straight
As a note of interest, in the past I have sent private emails of a decidedly negative connotation concerning James and his theories. These emails should have been prefaced with the remarks:

"Even though I have never read his books and my family has always dismissed them as a hoax, my current belief is:"
This negative impression was the result of marital strife dating back to the 1880s and has been handed down as an inheritance through my family for over one hundred years. Due to several factors, I have since taken a step back and rather than dismiss James and his theories out of hand, I have decided to perform an impartial examination of the evidence. I hope that with the materials I have and those yet to be found, a more complete picture of James and his theories will crystalize - sparking new debates and research and challenging the status quo about my celebrated ancestor. This effort is embodied in I do not promise to uphold his theories, only suspend judgment until the subject has been thoroughly investigated.

Our future plans will be discussed in our blog and through the podcasts that have been started. Your participation is welcomed, please visit our media page ( to see how to get involved.

Jack Churchward
Clearwater, Florida

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