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The Great Uighur Empire

James Churchward wrote about the Great Uighur Empire in the 1926 book, The Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Man and the 1931 books, The Children of Mu and The Lost Continent of Mu. The purpose of this and associated pages is to:

  1. reproduce the text about the Great Uighur Empire as written by James Churchward to serve as a reference for a discussion of the Great Uighur Empire, and
  2. provide links to relevant data as an aid to the discussion of the Great Uighur Empire, and
  3. present questions (and hopefully answers) to assist/guide the discussion, and
  4. link to analysis and/or comments that directly pertain to the Great Uighur Empire.

The Texts:

  1. Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Man(1926) Chapter 5 pages 105-110
  2. Children of Mu(1931) Chap. 7 pages 122-124 & Chap. 13 pages 214 - 227
  3. Lost Continent of Mu(1931) Chapter 5 pages 118-121

Other Texts:

  1. Understanding Mu: The Uighurs(1970) Chapter 10 pages 96-100, Author Hans Stefan Santesson.
  2. Dr. Jozsef Cserep from America as the Prehistoric Cradle of the Caucasian Race
  3. Arvisura (Hungarian/Magyar) - a partial English translation.
  4. Ujgur (Hungarian/Magyar) - untranslated pages from a book by Boskoi Janos
  5. "Uighur Empire" from Lemuria and Atlantis Studying the Past to Survive the Future; Shirley Andrews; 2004

The Links:

  1. Great Uighur Empire Discussion email list
  2. Great Uighur Empire Mailing List Archive
  3. Wikipedia article: Uyghur Khaganate (742-848 A.D.) the historic, documented Uighur Empire
  4. Wikipedia article: Khara-Khoto identified by James as the location for the capital city of the Uighurs.
  5. Wikipedia article: Pyotr Kozlov "Professor Kozloff" Russian explorer
  6. Innermost Asia Vol. 1(1928) Chapter XII sec. ii & iii pages 557-632, Author: Sir Aurel Stein.
    Describes his travels near and in Khara-Khoto in 1913-1916. (44M pdf file)
  7. The State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg, Russia search results for Khara-Khota This is where Kozlov's finds from Khara-Koto are now housed.
  8. White Masters in the deserts of China? from, an article about the Caucasian mummies found in Xinjiang - with pictures of the some of the more famous mummies.

The Questions:

  1. Is there any corroborative information that supports the theory of the Great Uighur Empire as described by James Churchward?
  2. What Chinese legend(s) "tell that the Uighurs were at the height of their civilization about 17,000 years ago" ?


  1. Dale Drinnon published some contents in his Yahoo! Group (kontikiandmu) entitled Uighirs and Churchward.