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Podcast #9 - James Churchward & "The Christ Conspiracy" Part 2

When I originally started on the "James Churchward & 'The Christ Conspiracy'" video podcast, it was my intent to simply state that my great-grandfather, James Churchward, would not have endorsed the theories of Acharya S (also known as Dorothy M. Murdock).

The reason for this assertion was that wikipedia, in the article for James Churchward, has the following as part of the entry:

"He is also a source of information for Acharya S, in her two books, The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold and Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha, and Christ Unveiled."

As I researched further, I discovered two examples of what I considered to be intellectual dishonesty in the use of James Churchward's quotes. The quotations were taken out of context and if the entire passage had been included from James, the meaning would be changed significantly, enough to contradict Ms. Murdock.

Subsequently, I wrote the podcast and released it in November 2007. The nasty emails started almost immediately and I shut down the comments section of my blog and set the comments on moderate for YouTube. Everything I wrote was true when it was written. My corporate firewall had categorized her website as 'hate speech' but that has since changed.

This entire affair culminated in YouTube removing the video of the podcast due to 'inappropriate content.' For six months, it was watched by almost 800 folks, but suddenly it became inappropriate in late May 2008. It seems almost humorous for a person who claims censorship (for examples please google acharya s censorship) to use such measures against others.

I hold no ill will against Ms. Murdock or her followers and believe that I have wasted more than enough time and energy on her and her theories. I am not a quitter, but this isn't my fight.

Jack Churchward
Clearwater, Florida

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