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Podcast #11 - October 2008 Update

October 2008 Update

This past year has been busy and we have continued to collect data and continue the research.

First, our bookstore with three E-Books has made the three available as a CD. Included in the titles are "Ancient Medes as Ancestors of the Magyars of Europe" and "America as the Prehistoric Cradle of the Caucasian Race" by Doctor Joseph Cserep. These are translations of letters to James Churchward that are exclusively available from Also available on the CD are the contents of one of James' research scrapbooks.

Secondly, we started conducting research about what some other authors and webpages are using from the works of my great-grandfather in their research. As I have previously related, some of these references are a lark like in a game or a work of fiction. Other references agree with what James Churchward believed and wrote about and then there are the ones that do not. From our quick look at the data, we created some podcast episodes. These addressed the references used by the author, Acharya S, in her book, "The Christ Conspiracy" and the association of James Churchward with Aliens. All are available on youtube and/or from our podcast page.

A second current focus of research is the "The Great Uighur Empire" as described by my great-grandfather in the book "Children of Mu" (1931). Instead of finding other primary sources that reference the unique aspects of that theory, other theories have been sent in private emails. A couple of blog entries and a podcast have documented some of the correspondence.

A review of one of James earliest works was provided last January with links to the online version of "A Big Game and Fishing Guide to Northeastern Maine".

Another aspect James' life that was explored in a blog entry is that of inventor and can be found under the title of "James Churchward: Engineer". James filed his first patent in 1889 and his final in 1917. 28 years would be considered an career for some people which demonstrates that James Churchward had a career before he started writing his books in his seventies.

Now to some unfinished business. Last year the October Update announced that an expanded and updated version of the 1927 "Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Man" would be published in the near future. This project was sidelined, but is now back on track.

I would ask that everyone look at the pictures at the blog entry on the reported daughters of James Churchward and see if they recognize either of the pictures. You may have an unpublished book by James Churchward in your attic.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

Jack Churchward
Clearwater, Florida

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