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Podcast #16 - Rediscovery of the Naacal Tablets

Recently, I was directed to the Project Camelot video interview with Klaus Dona, the spiritual archaeologist. In this interview, the following was presented:
Another friend of mine, a German researcher, found and he could see already the Naacal plates in India, which nobody yet could see or make a photo about it. So that means that those plates exist and I am wondering if this has a connection again to this unknown writing because on a stone plate which was found in Yonaguni there are also some symbols and they are definitely similar with the symbols which Churchward was showing in his book, the Lost Continent Mu.
The Naacal plates or the 'Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu' are the over 70,000 year old sacred writings from the Motherland of Man, the lost continent of Mu.
According to James Churchward, two copies of the original tablets were made in Mu and sent to the colonies in India and the Uighur Empire. From these red clay tablets, six copies were made of each set and distributed in each of the Seven Rishi Cities. According to the account in the 'Books of the Golden Age,' there were 8 to 9,000 Naacal tablets transferred to a monastery library in northern Tibet about 8 to 10,000 years ago. James places the monastery near the headwaters of the Brahmaputra River. In his published works of the 1920s and 30s, James kept the name of the nearby village a secret to protect the people there.
I look forward to any and all new information of this new discovery so that we may examine it closely and remove any doubts about the authenticity of this miraculous find. Such evidence could prove James Churchward's theories and rewrite history. On the other hand, if this is a stunt, hoax or some other fraudulent venture, we will denounce it as soon as compelling information is presented.
I have exchanged email with Mr. Dona and hope to have more information to report in the near future.
A new forum for the presentation of evidence and discussion of the Naacal Tablets has been opened at:

Please visit today and join the discussion.
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