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Podcast #22 - 2010 Research Update


This has been another busy and exciting year at, your source for information on James Churchward and his theories of a lost Pacific Ocean continent that he called Mu.

Early in 2010 we received word that someone had rediscovered the Naacal Tablets in India.
Video Excerpt
The discovery has yet to be shown to independent researchers or the public, but we keep our fingers crossed. If this find is valid, it could be verification of James' theories and allow the secrets of mankind's history to be revealed to the public. A followup is planned for the near future.

Continuing research has been presented through the blog and podcast. To stay informed, please subscribe to our RSS feeds with your favorite RSS reader/aggregator.

From the James Churchward's Mu blog (, we covered:

  • Documentation that shows James was a Tea Planter in Sri Lanka in 1878 with two plantations spanning 975 acres and had 380 of those acres under cultivation.
  • A March 1895 short story that James wrote entitled, "INDIAN JOE, A TALE OF THE THOUSAND ISLANDS". We have also published other, never before seen articles by James on
  • We also looked at how James may have reacted to the announcement of the discovery of a new human-like species.
  • We looked at a newly discovered underwater structure off the coast of India that may have been described by James Churchward in his 1931 book, "Children of Mu."
  • We presented a reference to James works that was used in an article appearing in Popular Science magazine in March 1928.
  • In response to accusations made about James, we examined specific examples of his 'forged documents' and 'wholly imaginary drawings of nonexistent archaeological finds.'

Some of the research featured in our video podcast:

  • In March, "Genetics and the Lost Continent of Mu" was released to contrast James' theories with the latest findings from DNA research.
  • The video, "Temple of Mu" was reviewed in a May podcast episode.
  • In response to the use of James' works to justify the 'Muurish Empire Washita,' podcast #18 was created and distributed in June.
  • Our continuing research into the Great Uighur Empire was covered in Podcast #19 and released in July.
  • Our research into whether or not James was a Colonel in the Bengal Lancers was covered in a two-part podcast released in September and November.
Please visit our podcast archive page at

In October, we were contacted by an Uyghur gentleman from Kazakhstan who came to visit. Radik Kurbanov is a follower of Elle Ayat, a healing system/philosophy from Central Asia. Radik, through the translator, mentioned that the founder of Elle Ajat believed that 80% of James Churchward's writings were true. We recorded our conversation with the aid of a helpful Russian translator and hope to have an edited version available for a future podcast. Additionally, Radik is sending more materials concerning the Elle Ayat movement that we will have translated into English.

The forum at was shut down earlier this year after suspicious internet traffic was noticed. It has been restarted with the hope that fruitful discussions can be continued without any nefarious activity. Please visit the forum at and register today.

We are soliciting participants for a Great Uighur Empire conference to be held in Tampa Bay, Florida in May 2011. We believe that the frank discussion of this subject in a congenial, scholarly fashion is long overdue. Contact us at the email address shown below (

Be sure to visit our bookstore where we have correspondence from James' scrapbooks and translated copies of private correspondence between James and Dr Joseph Cserep. We hope to announce the addition of more titles in the coming year.

There are some future paths in the research that may produce some amazing and unexpected results, please keep up to date by subscribing to our announcements email list. It is a low volume, moderated list that will keep you abreast of all the new data accumulated in the research of James Churchward and his theories of a lost Pacific Ocean continent that he called Mu.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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