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Podcast #23 - Visit by Radik Kurbanov of Allya Ayat

Visit by Radik Kurbanov of Allya Ayat

Last October (2010), Radik Kurbanov of the Allya Ayat movement visited my home. Radik is an ethnic Uyghur from Kazakhstan and we spoke through a Russian translator during his visit. I hope that in the near future I will receive some more information about this Central Asian healing system or philosophy because I am not clear about a lot of points.

What I did gather was that Allya Ayat was started by an ethnic Uighur gentleman named Abdullaev Farhata Muhamedovicha (or Farhata). He was born in Aksu in 1937 and has since passed on. I believe that he was selected by his Uyghur heritage - his genetics permitted him to access information that harkens back to the Great Uighur Empire. There is a mantra to chant that he purports changes consciousness, not just the person reciting the mantra, but others that he/she is connected with. Here is a recording of Radik Kurbanov reciting the mantra in his native Uyghur language.

A couple of points that are clear are that Farhata believed that most of James Churchward's theories were correct and that Allya Ayat is not political or affiliated with any religion.

As I mentioned earlier, I hope to receive more information to provide accurate details concerning this movement, and after I do, I will pass it along.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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