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Podcast #27 - Ancient Aliens and James Churchward

Ancient Aliens and James Churchward

In a previous podcast entitled, "James Churchward and Space Aliens," I attempted to address the phenomena of Aliens and how it intersected with the theories of James Churchward. The previous presentation neglected to expound on Space Aliens that were not channeled entities and although James does not specifically mention them, the issue definitely need to be discussed.
To reiterate a few points from the earlier podcast:

  1. James did not discuss Space Aliens in his books, whether they were channeled or not.
  2. James did mention vimana, however it is never implied in James' works that these craft travel into outer space.
  3. I am not arrogant enough to believe that our human civilization on Earth is the only spark of intelligence in the universe.

According to James' translation of the Naacal Tablets, a Supreme Spirit brought about creation in seven commands, the seventh being the creation of man. James makes it clear that humans are a special and unique creation or at least the people that wrote the tablets believed they were. Some aspects of humankind are described in the 1926 'Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Man' as an 'imperishable' part of the Creator and endowed with powers to rule the Earth.

James didn't elaborate on the technology that the people and colonists of Mu used to build the ancient megalithic monuments such as those found at Baalbek, the Moai of Easter Island or the colossal structures in South America. He does mention that there was no savagery before the destruction of Mu and that after the submersion, life deteriorated sharply even in the colonies.

Dare I speculate on the existence of a device, located on the now sunken continent of Mu attuned to human brains to allow the performance of what we would consider amazing feats?

To throw it all in one basket, according to James' theories:

  • Humans are created by a Supreme Spirit
  • Every human has a part of that spirit
  • Every human is endowed with powers to rule the Earth
  • Life was carefree and simple before Mu was destroyed
  • Savagery and the collapse of civilization after Mu sank.

Was a device, located in Mu and attuned to that portion inherited from the Supreme Spirit, used prior to Mu's destruction to facilitate human life? Did the device make humans capable of moving enormous loads and/or other feats that we would consider magical or did the humans have technology linked to the device on Mu that allowed them to perform these amazing feats?

This is only speculation and is a marked departure from James Churchward's theories. I leave it to the experts to decide whether or not these circumstances fit the Ancient Alien theory. I am honored to be able to consult an expert in the field of the Ancient Alien theory, Philip Coppens who is about to release his latest book, "The Ancient Alien Question" and is well-known from his appearances on the 'Ancient Aliens' series is willing to entertain my speculation.

((Transcript of Philip Coppens interview to be available in the future.))

One neglected reference to the Lost Continent of Mu and Space Aliens is the Thiaoouba Prophecy by Michel Desmarquet. The author does include a section on Mu in the book describing his travels in a spacecraft from another galaxy. Although there are some similarities between the two Mus, there are some distinct differences.

First, James never mentioned other humanoids or non-human intelligent beings in connection with the continent of Mu.

Second, James never mentioned spacecraft or space ports in his description of Mu or its people.

These two elements are necessary to Desmarquet's premise and indicate that despite the similarities, these are two separate Mus.

I guess that I can never really say that I have pronounced the last word on Space Aliens and James Churchward, but I'll be sure to pass along any new developments as they happen.

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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