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Podcast #31 - 2012 Research Update

2012 Research Update

This has been another busy and exciting year at, your source for information on James Churchward and his theories of a lost Pacific Ocean continent.

First some follow-ups to previous materials discussed at

Last year's discovery of a James Churchward original painting dated 1904 and entitled, 'The Silver Hook' was followed this year by the vintage cover from a 1933 LL Bean Catalog being reprinted. It is also entitled, 'The Silver Hook' and contains many of the same elements as James' painting.

Following up on the Relics of Mu podcast from March 2007 in which a physical relic from Mu that was identified and shown in James' books had reappeared. On the lip of the metallic vessel was an inscription that was not translated. I recently received an email from Alexander Voronin, President of the Russian Society on Studying of Problems of Atlantis with the translation. According to his colleague, Willie Melnikov, the inscription (in the Gudgarati language) reads: Master Nedge did for all.

This year saw the reviews of the 1970 book entitled, "Mu Revealed" and James' 1894 "Fishing Among the Thousand Islands."

There were two new podcasts, one about James' theories with regard to the Mongols, and we also had the opportunity to speak with Stan Grist from Ecuador about the findings of his research of the metallic library of the Tayos Cave. The metallic library is sometimes mentioned as proof of James Churchward theories. Stan has promised a return visit to tell us more about his research into the collection of Father Crespi.

A new webpage has been added entitled, "Radio Days." James's 1924 & 1925 broadcasts on WNYC are listed and some of the press coverage that ensued.

Unfortunately, 2012 did not see the e-publication of James' lectures, but we can hope that it is accomplished next year so that everyone can access the materials.

Some old photographs, negatives, and letters from Howard Keresey's estate have been obtained, as well as another original painting. Howard called my great-grandfather, 'Uncle,' and they were obviously close, reading some of the letters. As I decipher the contents, I'll be passing more information along.

I hope to announce the publication of my next book soon and provide further intellectual fodder for continued controversy.

Have a great day and thanks for listening.

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