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Podcast #32 - 2013 Research Update

2013 Research Update

Welcome to the 2013 Research Update

2013 was another busy year

There were interviews with Tony Kudos of Beyond Twenty-Twelve, Shelly Wilson of the Shelly Wilson Show, Barb Adams of Radio Amerika Now, Bob Charles of the Bob Charles Show, and Dr. Rita Louise of Just Energy Radio. All of these interviews can still be heard and are linked from the news tab at

Additionally, I was interviewed for a both Croatian and Russian TV documentaries. The videographer was kind enough to send along the video after the shoot, so my closing statement for the Russian TV documentary looks like this:

See video above

I was grateful to be invited to speak at the Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference in Springdale, Arkansas in July. A dvd of my presentation entitled, Researching Mu is available from Ozark Mountain Publishing.

The blog was active this year with some notable postings, such as the Mexican government's enquiry with the publisher that republished the series of Mu books in the 1960s looking for Niven's tablets, or similarities between recently discovered petroglyphs and symbols presented in the original books, or the discovery of another of my great-grandfather's original paintings.

My book, Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men has entered it's second printing and signed copies are available from the bookstore. This is the definitive edition of the 1926 classic, Lost Continent of Mu Motherland of Men.

My second book, tentatively entitled, Stone Tablets of Mu has been sent to the publisher and the contract signed. This book addresses the history and theories behind William Niven's discovery of tablets in the Valley of Mexico that were identified as being from the lost continent of Mu. Publication is anticipated in 2014.

I am scheduled to speak and present a workshop at Sunrise Ranch in Colorado with the Emissaries of Divine Light in September 2014 at a conference on Lemuria. I also hope to once again speak at the Ozark Mountain Publishing transformation conference and talk about my new book.

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