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Podcast #33 - 2014 Research Update

2014 Research Update

Welcome to the 2014 Research Update

It has been another very busy year for the research into the life and theories of my great-grandfather, James Churchward.

Most notable for me is the publication of my second book entitled, "The Stone Tablets of Mu." The book takes an in-depth look at James' 1927 book, "Copies of Stone Tablets Found by William Niven in Santiago Ahuizoctla Near Mexico City." Signed copies are available from the bookstore of both of my books.

The interview last December for a Russian TV program was broadcast in Russian in February and is available on youtube, unfortunately, there are no English subtitles. I also participated in some interviews in 2014. These, as well as earlier are online at – I sat down with Andrew Aloha, twice with both the USOKS gang and James Swagger. In July, I had my second and final interview with Dolores Cannon on the Metaphysical Hour. She was a noble spirit and I will miss her wit and charm.

My talk at the Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference in June entitled "Researching Mu" was a success. I also held my first workshop on The Stone Tablets of Mu. A short portion of my talk was uploaded to Youtube.

In "Researching Mu", I presented some new information and reiterated a few points that needed repeating. Due to copyright restrictions, I can't post it, but DVDs are available from the Ozark Mountain Publishing website (,) be sure to use the dropdown menu to make your selection

. I have also been working on a workshop to answer the question I am frequently asked, "What's the difference between Lemuria and Mu." I used to think that this was a very easy question to answer. James never mentioned Lemuria, so they had to be different. After I started to examine the question more closely, I realized that the question is not so easily answered. The in-depth research may necessitate a study guide. I hope to have it ready in 2015 and may present it as a webinar. Subscribers to the newsletter will receive a discount on attendance.

Another portion of the research this year has been to catalog the tablet discoveries made by William Niven in the Valley of Mexico during the early 1920s. As many of you know, these tablets were carved into Andesite, a volcanic rock that is considered quite 'hard.' While not quite as hard as granite, the effort involved in creating these images indicates the importance of the symbolism to those that undertook the effort to carve them, especially without metal tools. This repository is slowly being built and can be accessed from the link below. ( New images and interpretations are being added regularly. The purpose is to find the real meaning behind the symbols and to better understand the people that created them; all comments and additional information are welcome.

Some time has passed since I first stated my mission statement in the first podcast and I think this may be a good time to get everyone back together on the same page.
My great-grandfather, James Churchward, was author of a series of books on the sunken Pacific Ocean continent that he named Mu. I was raised with a skeptical view of James' theories through my father. Due to other phenomena that are detailed elsewhere and the amount of email correspondence, I decided to start researching his life and theories without dismissing them out of hand as I had done previously. Note that no member of my family receives any financial compensation for the continued publication of my great-grandfather's works. I am free of any conflict of interest to conduct my research; my findings will not always agree with what James wrote and I am under no pressure to amend anything to allow it to fit within his worldview or match his theories.
Allow me to further state that I was not heir to the oft suggested and non-existent James Churchward fortune; I have a day job and that as time permits, the research continues. Additionally, there are no PayPal donation buttons on the website, no paid subscriptions for the 'inside' knowledge, nor will you find emails from me that tell only one side of an old story and forget to mention contrary information. If there are holes or gaps in any information I have presented, I welcome any and all remarks, comments, corrections, or any additional information to tell the whole story, I'll provide access to the Guestblog ( to present your views and information to a family audience.
I must admit that my approach and information has made me no friends among those seeking to maintain the status quo; however it has resonated with freethinking individuals that are on the path to a real understanding of the truth. That is my mission – the truth.

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with the following thought: one of James' core ideas was that we all share a common origin and that we should be mindful of our shared human existence. All of us are human, we all want happiness for our family, friends and ourselves. We all suffer the pressures of our human existence to survive. Although it may be more difficult to recognize in today's multi-faceted and fast-paced world, it is up to each and every one of us to make the world a better place to live in, without regard to religious beliefs or skin color or whatever excuse is used to avoid what is difficult and right.
Thanks for listening and have a great day.

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