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Mu and Demeter

The earliest attestation of Demeter is “Da-ma-te” in Linear-b (Google that for details).  As for a “consensus” of scholar.” Virtually all translators of the Hymn to Demeter blatantly mistranslate the Greek “orgia” (orgies) as “Mysteries.” See for example line 476 in … Continue reading

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The Ubiquitous MU

Note: Coptic was the spoken and written language in Egypt. It was in use from the first to about the sixth century A.D. Mu meant “mother” in old egyptian (Mu = Mut = Maut, the great earth mother in early … Continue reading

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Rediscovery of the Naacal tablets: a bad joke

The recent rediscovery of the Naacal tablets really should have sounded like a bomb. After all, this is one crucial piece of evidence that has been eluding everyone, except James Churchward of course, for more than eighty years. One could … Continue reading

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Scientists’ amazing California discovery includes fishing tackle 12,000 years old Friday, March 4, 2011 8:35pm PST By: Pete Thomas, People are discovering antique fishing tackle all the time, in closets and at garage sales, but none of that compares to discoveries made recently by archaeologists at two of the … Continue reading

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