This is the My-Mu.com Guest Blog for postings from guest researchers into James Churchward and his theories of a lost Pacific Ocean continent.
If you wish to present, explain, or summarize your research in this blog, please contact Jack Churchward for information on how to register and to start entering your submissions.

It is preferred that submissions be made electronically through the WordPress dashboard, but some submissions will be accepted if emailed in plain text.
Postings (including images, text, and outside links) must maintain the highest integrity and not include profanity, pornography, or anything else that you would not be prepared to show school-age children.
Submissions that do not meet these requirements will be removed without warning.

The My-Mu.com website takes no responsibility for the contents, statements, or conclusions from any posting appearing in this blog. The author is ultimately responsible, however, any content deemed to be outside the norms of courteous discourse will be removed.

Jack Churchward

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