In Colonel Churchward’s book The Lost Continent of MU something that stood out to me was The Cosmogonic Diagram. It stood out as it fit so well as a cypher for the work I was already engaged in. I believe the Cosmogonic Diagram to be a rendition of the Cypher above which is formed in the Flower Of Life Graph. The Flower Of Life Pattern is an Ancient Pattern found all over the World. And as Colonel Churchward claims that the Nacaal’s and the Naga’s were the people that established Colonies Worldwide , it seems that the Most Important Pictographs and Cyphers would come from and therefor be able to be rendered in this pattern.
Below are the Pattern’s I Discovered thru Reverse Engineering of what is today the Hebrew Letters and were formerly Pictographs.
All the Pictographs can be rendered as 4 dashes wide and start and stop at the same elevation to form what would today be known as Cursive Writing.
I call this the Saturn Pattern and first one is the Numbered Version.
This Version is the Pictograph’s Associated with the Hebrew Letters.
This Version is Rendered by Combining 2 Pictographs that Oppose Each Other from the Center.
Take notice in Numbered Version that Opposing Numbers from the Center when added together have the Sum of 23 which is the Center Sum.
Colonel Churchward mentioned a couple words that are in this Combined Pictograph Version.
The K-L which he gives the meaning as To Open.
The K-L are the Pictographs 2 and 21 Combined and form a Cup as the Final Pictograph.
The K Pictograph is thought of to be an Open Palm of a Man or Plant.
I believe it to be a Lotus.
Also Colonel Churchward mentions the King of MU to be R-M which is the Combined Pictographs 5 and 18 which create the Pictograph of a Person’s Head with a Pointed Headband (Thorny Crown).

What the Cosmogonic Diagram or the Cypher shows is the Grouping of the Pictographs as a Center with 6 Surrounding Symbols and 12 Symbols Surrounding them.
What I call the Tassels at the bottom , show the 4 remaining Symbols that should be Divided into 2.
A Positive and a Negative Version of each for a total of 8.
Pictograph 7 Watch or Blinded
Pictograph 16 Speech or Silence
Pictograph 13 Reveal or Secret
Pictograph 10 Mountain or Pit
These are possible translations and there is the possibility for many others as there is also a Vowel System that is part of the Ancient Language also.

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