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By profession, I have been a scientist in applied linguistics related to Computer Security for over 20 years. 80+ papers published. Five patents. Working with Classical and Biblical Greek for over 35 years. Working with Egyptian Coptic dialects for over 25 years. I have produced and own the copyright on three complete editions of the New Testament. One in the Egyptian Greek. One in Sahidic Coptic. One Bohairic Coptic. My Sahidic-English Lexicon has also been published. My main publisher is Logos Software. I recently completer a new edition of Plato's Atlantis in the context of ancient Greek beliefs and understanding.

An Alternate View on the Relationship Between Christian and Pagan Writings

Christianity and pre-Christian religions often appear to have many things in common. As a result, many today see these similarities and claim that Christianity borrowed, or stole, teachings from these earlier religions.   The facts, however, demonstrate that the opposite … Continue reading

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Demeter as true mother

The concept is very simple and basic in the Greek. The particle DE (Delta Eta) in Greek is an intensifier. Liddell & Scott (Middle Liddell) says it “gives greater exactness to the word” It gives the examples “in truth”, “In deed”, “surely” and … Continue reading

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Mu and Demeter

The earliest attestation of Demeter is “Da-ma-te” in Linear-b (Google that for details).  As for a “consensus” of scholar.” Virtually all translators of the Hymn to Demeter blatantly mistranslate the Greek “orgia” (orgies) as “Mysteries.” See for example line 476 in … Continue reading

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The Ubiquitous MU

Note: Coptic was the spoken and written language in Egypt. It was in use from the first to about the sixth century A.D. Mu meant “mother” in old egyptian (Mu = Mut = Maut, the great earth mother in early … Continue reading

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